Gravity Advisors

Gravity-Advisors-Partner-ProgramGravity Software™ (Gravity) provides the building blocks to help your business grow so you can make more money as quickly as possible. As an accounting or consulting professional, you have the ability to become a Gravity Advisor and/or a Gravity Agent.

Examples of Gravity Advisors

Referral Firms

They refer Gravity, implement and support clients using Gravity.

3rd Party Vendors / Independent Service Providers (ISV's)

They refer Gravity, implement and support the client.  Types of resellers e.g. Microsoft Partners, Accounting Solutions, Partners.

Along the way, you'll find the very best tools, resources and support that Gravity has to offer. Gravity Advisors will receive an in-depth training program to clearly understand Gravity Software. Once training program has been completed, you will be fully enabled to implement Gravity and support your clients.

Gravity Advisors will need to refer and successfully implement Gravity Software with your clients to attain the levels seen below in the Gravity Advisor Levels Chart below.

Gravity Advisors can receive exclusive access to Gravity's Beta releases to help provide the development team with feedback on new features.


Gravity Implementations - Earn money helping clients implement Gravity.

Gravity Training - Receive training directly from Gravity on the best way to implement the application.

Gravity Leads - Qualify to receive leads on clients that purchase Gravity and do not have an Advisor helping them.

Gravity Insider - Learn about what's happening at Gravity before anyone else with our exclusive Gravity Insider newsletter.


To become a Gravity Advisor, you will need to attend Gravity on-line training courses.

Achieve one of the following Advisor Levels:

Annual Requirement 1 Company *2 Companies *10+ Companies
Lead Referral None *None *Yes
Access to Gravity Beta Releases No *Yes *Yes

The Gravity Agent and Gravity Advisory programs are available to accounting, bookkeeping, tax and consulting professionals who provide services to third-party clients.

Learn how Gravity can transform businesses to the cloud, and start building your own partner channel and register for Gravity's overview webinar.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the Gravity Agent & Gravity Advisor Contract.