Gravity CRM Accounting Software Revenue Feature

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For most businesses the faster you invoice, the faster you get paid.

Gravity Software™ (Gravity) makes it simple and fast to invoice your customers and even easier to get paid. On one screen you can create an invoice, print or email it and post it. If you made a mistake, Gravity’s one button correction allows you to correct the invoice and still maintain a full audit trail.

Gravity will calculate sales tax for your invoices as well as tracking salespersons and territories for easy analysis and reporting. In just minutes, invoices can be customized with your logo, choice of fields, and even a personal message for electronic delivery.

You can easily set up recurring invoices so you won’t forget to send that invoice out if your company requires it.  As for payments, you can easily apply checks, cash or even credit cards in a simple one step process. Gravity provides you with real-time view of your revenue, recurring invoices, sales productivity, and much more through reports and dashboards.

By utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Gravity's CRM financial software makes it simple for businesses to operate from anywhere, at any time without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications.

Gravity's guiding principle is to simplify the lives of our users while providing SMBs the platform they need to grow.

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