Financials and CRM Fully Integrated

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

Increasing small to medium size businesses (SMBs) are adopting cloud based applications. And these applications are built from the ground up to allow for a more flexible web-based architecture.

Gravity Software's™ (Gravity) robust solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 (Formerly known as Microsoft CRM) Online platform, and will provide SMBs the distinct advantage of having Financials and CRM fully integrated on one platform to meet their unique business needs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosts over 40,000 companies worldwide and has become one of the most reliable and scalable CRM platforms available today. In one screen, for example, one can easily navigate through Gravity's back office financial business solution to front office Sales, Service, and Marketing.

When Gravity considered the needs of SMBs and the solutions we wanted to bring to market, we evaluated several development tools and platforms,” said Randall Ykema, CTO of Gravity. “We felt the combination of Microsoft’s development tools along with Dynamics 365 gave us the greatest platform for offering a complete toolset to aid smart businesses growth.”

By utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud based platform, Gravity makes it simple for businesses to operate from anywhere, at any time without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications.

Subscription cloud-based software is definitely a growing trend with many advantages for SMBs to gain access to robust software usually only available to the enterprise. More SMBs are considering a cloud-based applications so they don't have to worry about servers, IT infrastructure, security issues, and upgrade costs to name a few.

Gravity's guiding principle is to simplify the lives of our users while providing SMBs the platform they need to grow.

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