About Us

Gravity's CRM Cloud Accounting

Gravity Software™ (Gravity) is the first online business management application exclusively written for smart businesses. More than just accounting, Gravity provides you with the necessary tools and processes to help your businesses grow. Gravity gets results, not just numbers, by incorporating many of the principles of EOS™.

Features like complete accounting audit trail with a one click correction to any transaction; easily enter and manage a transaction on one screen. No popups or multiple clicks needed, e.g., you can enter a voucher, post it and print a check from one screen. So simple, yet powerful!

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (aka Microsoft Dynamics CRM) (customer relationship management) platform that hosts over 40,000 companies worldwide and has become one of the most reliable and scalable platforms available today. By utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud based platform, Gravity makes it simple for your business to operate from anywhere without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications.



Gravity’s robust features are designed to leverage your company’s greatest asset, its people. Our guiding principal is to simplify the lives and end users while providing your company with the platform it needs to grow. More businesses will move to a cloud-based application and Gravity makes it simple for your businesses to operate from anywhere without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications.


John Silvani, President & CEO combines his in-depth market knowledge with practical business strategies, meeting the unique needs of a broad client group. In May 2001, he was recipient of the Crain’s “Who’s Who in Technology” award and continued to receive awards for his companies throughout his career. In 2011, he was recognized by Lawrence Technological University as one of the “Leaders & Innovators Honoree” in Michigan.

After 30 years in the software industry, John has become one of the nation’s top respected resellers of business applications. His background and leadership has provided him with an understanding of the demands and needs for growing organizations. In 2012, John sold First Tech Direct, a Michigan Microsoft Dynamics reseller company and decided to develop an online cloud financial solution for smart businesses, Gravity Software.